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Add value plus earn revenue. Now, that's a winning equation!

Provide your customers simple and secure payment processing and earn residual income on every transaction

With ClearGate’s Developer Reseller program, you’ll earn revenue while providing your clients the ability to easily accept payments – whether that’s by integrating payment processing into their website or right from your own software solution!

With minimal coding you will:

Add value to your offering or service by simplifying your customer’s payment processing across all platforms; cards, checks, recurring payments, mobile, customized portals, customer notifications and custom branding.

Generate additional revenue through residual sharing opportunities.

Strengthen your brand, adoption, and customer retention by providing an integrated payment solution.

It’s the solution for all software developers


Software as a Service providers


Website developers and merchant site admins


Mobile app developers


Application developers and software providers

Pricing that’ll make you (and your customers) smile

Your pricing

Your customers’ pricing

There are no monthly service fees, no hidden transaction fees, no “per merchant” carrying costs for ClearGate Resellers like the other payment providers charge.

In other words: the program is 100% free for you.

Monthly volume: $0-7,999

  • Card transactions: 2.69% + $.30
  • ACH transactions: ~$.25
  • Payout fee: None
  • Monthly Gateway fee: $25

Monthly volume: $8000-38,999

  • Card transactions: 2.89% + $.30
  • ACH transactions: ~$.25
  • Payout fee: None
  • Monthly Gateway fee: None

Do your customers process $39,000 or more in monthly volume? Please contact us below for pricing for these merchants.

Three easy steps to your passive income stream

Ready to start adding value for your customers – and earning revenue for yourself?

1. Get set up as a ClearGate Reseller.
2. Have your customer set up a ClearGate merchant account configured for third party integrations.
3. Add your customer’s source code to their website or your software solution, customize the css for a seamless look and feel, and make any desired enhancements to support their card processing activities.

Get started today by sending us a message below, giving us a call toll free at (866) 779-4787, or by emailing partners@cleargate.com

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