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Merchants can upload inventory items into their Virtual Terminal, webPOS, and Shopping Cart (Hosted E-Commerce).  You can enter them manually, or by uploading them in bulk.

Adding Items

  1. Log into the Virtual Terminal, and click on Admin.
  2. Under Products, click on Add a Product.
  3. Fill in the following information for your product:
  • Manufacturer (Required field): Samsung Phone.
  • Product Name (Required field): Galax S4.
  • External Product ID (Optional): If merchant keeps their own product # listings, can put here.
  • SKU (Required): You can scan the product with a barcode scanner to auto-fill this! If you use your own barcoding system, scan that instead, or manually type the number listed under the bar code.
  • Category: Select the category for the item you are entering. If you do not have an appropriate category yet:
    • Click Manage Categories, enter the category name into the text box.
    • Hit the (+) or (-) buttons to add/delete categories.
    • When completed, hit the Save Button.
  • Description (Optional): Enter if you want.
  • Hosted E-Commerce Checkbox: Check this is you want this item to appear in your Shopping Cart that is built through ClearGate’s Hosted E-Commerce.
  • Price (Required): Enter the price of the item, and from the drop-down box, choose whether said item is a flat fee, or is a weighted item (this would be something like bulk nails are $5.00 a pound)
  • Taxable (Optional): If the item is to be taxed, check this.
  • Discount (Optional): If you are offering a discount on this item, you can enter either a flat discount rate (10$ off) or a percentage discount (5% off!) (This can be adjusted at any time!)
  • Additional Shipping Cost (Optional): This would be used for overweight items, items that you charge specifically more shipping cost on. For example, a washing machine is really heavy, and if ordered online would potentially have a higher shipping cost that would not apply to other items the merchant is offering.
  • Image (Optional): in the text box, you would put the URL of an image online that you want to be linked to this item, or you can select: Choose Local File and upload an image off of your computer.
  • Hit Add to save the item!
  • You can edit items at any time to adjust costs, discounts, etc!

Bulk Product Upload to VT

  • A Merchant’s entire inventory can be added via a bulk spreadsheet update as well. If a merchant has a large inventory, it would most likely be best for them to download the bulk upload template spreadsheet by clicking on Admin>Bulk Upload, then downloading the form.
  • You can create/alter the CSV file via Google Docs, Microsoft Excel, Open Office Calc, Notepad, etc.

All fields must be present with acceptable values to correctly import! Please see below fields and potential possible entries

  • ACTIVE: Must be ‘True’ or ‘False’
  • MANUFACTURER: Any String of Characters (will comprise of the first part of your Product Name), up to 256 characters. (For example, the Manufacturer of the product ‘Apple iMac’ is ‘Apple’.)
  • PRODUCT NAME: Any String of Characters (will comprise of the last part of your Product Name), up to 256 characters. (For example, the Manufacturer of the product ‘Apple iMac’ is ‘iMac’.)
  • EXTERNAL PRODUCT ID: Any String of Characters, up to 256 characters
  • SKU: MUST BE UNIQUE across all products. Any SKUs that match products in your existing database will be overwritten with your uploaded information. Any duplicate SKUs in your spreadsheet will make the upload process fail with a ‘Duplicate SKU’ error.
  • CATEGORY: Must be a category already in your categories list.
  • DESCRIPTION: Any String of Characters (will comprise of the last part of your Product Name), up to 8192 characters.
  • HOSTED SHOPPING CART: Must be ‘True’ or ‘False’.
  • PRICE: Must be a floating point numeric value (For example ‘1234.56’.). ‘$’ characters will be filtered out.PRICE TYPE: Must be ‘Flat or ‘Weight’.
  • TAXABLE: Must be ‘True’ or ‘False’.
  • DISCOUNT: Must be ‘True’ or ‘False’.
  • DISCOUNT AMOUNT: Must be a floating point numeric value (For example ‘1234.56’.). ‘$’ and ‘%’ characters will be filtered out.
  • DISCOUNT TYPE: Must be ‘Flat’ or ‘Percentage’
  • ADDITIONAL SHIPPING COST: Must be a floating point numeric value (For example ‘1234.56’.). ‘$’ characters will be filtered out.
  • IMAGE URL: Should start with http://. Entering a value for an existing product that uses an uploaded image will overwrite uploaded image.
Possible Errors
  • Invalid Value error: Other values or characters found than those accepted.
  • Maximum Character Limit error: Too many characters in field.
  • Unrecognized Format error: Please export your spreadsheet as a CSV-formatted spreadsheet.
  • To update existing products, edit the proper line based on SKU. Existing lines that have no changes in them will be noted as ‘Unchanged’.
Preparing for Upload

Edit via Google Docs/Excel/Open Office

  • Essentially, you take all fields from above and make them column headers in a spreadsheet in Google Docs.
  • Enter in the appropriate values and fields for your items.
  • You can also download a blank template CSV file from the VT, then open it within the program you want to edit in.
  • Once completed adding your items to the CSV file, either save as/export as a CSV file
Upload to Virtual Terminal
  • Log into VT, click Admin>Bulk Upload>Upload CSV Spreadsheet