If you are in business because you are passionate about what you do, we understand.

We are a privately held corporation dedicated to consistently exceeding our client’s expectations with superior products, first-to-market solutions, and outstanding customer care.

ClearGate’s senior management team has decades of experience in this industry and is focused on consistently providing every merchant we serve with the highest level of customer service. Our fully in-house support staff also boasts years of experience resolving problems and satisfying customer’s needs in a timely, considerate manner.

Since the company manages its own customer service center, right here in the United States, most calls are answered on the first ring. ClearGate is a strong merchant advocate and believes in handling every customer call with exacting efficiency.

Our gateway solutions are the best on the market today. Our feature-rich product lineup includes solutions to fit every business need, regardless of industry or type of business. ClearGate also makes PCI compliancy a snap.

Every transaction is easily accessible and viewable in real time with our Virtual Terminal or a software integration via our flexible API. Best of all, ClearGate’s XML protocol alleviates integration headaches.

When you refer ClearGate you will assist your customers by delivering cutting edge processing technologies, improve your customer retention rates and maximize your own bottom line.

ClearGate takes the guesswork out of payment processing.