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Process credit, debit, checks and gift programs from any PC using your existing IP connection.

The ClearGate VT (Virtual Terminal) is a browser-based payments powerhouse!

Security Centric Design

ClearGate proudly maintains PCI Level 1 compliance, which is the highest possible level of compliance the council affirms. Our system has a mix of virtual and physical security measures to make sure your customer data is safe.

All sensitive card data is tokenized and encrypted, and hardware is maintained in secured data centers with 24/7 physical security.

Variety of Transactional Capabilities

The VT can accept payments from check and credit cards from Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express, and can also process ACH/eCheck transactions.

Within the VT, you can establish customer profiles and associate any payment cards/accounts to it for faster future use. Customers can also be set up on configurable recurring billing schedules, giving you the functionality to administer payment/repayment plans.

Users can also locate past transactions to recharge the card or issue a refund, without the need of having the cardholder or card present. The VT is also capable of handling Level 2 Transactional Data, meaning B2B merchants can expect lower interchange rates, lowered risk of chargebacks, and better insights into transactions.

A Simplified Workflow

The ClearGate Virtual Terminal offers a simplified workflow boasting:

  • A wide range of transactional capabilities
  • Online access, anywhere, using your Chrome Browser
  • Live Customer Support
  • API Access
  • Automated functions like tax calculations, shipping rates, and auto-batching to streamline your workday
  • A broad range of reporting options to give you a clearer picture of your business

Nimble Administrative Controls

While we know the transactional portion is important, we also know that having control over and visibility into the system is not to be overlooked. Whether you are a solo-operation or a business with hundreds of employees, our Virtual Terminal has you covered.

Administrators can invite as many users as needed, and further configure each user account with role management, limiting transactions to certain dollar amounts, or restricting certain functionality (like refunds and voids) to supervisory or management positions. Admin users can further manage the system by configuring merchant-level risk and fraud controls.

The VT also offers a wide variety of reporting options, ranging from standards one-click reports to reports with specific metrics that can be saved and easily accessed again in the future. Other notable features are auto-batching, reduced hardware costs, free lifetime updates, and mobile/tablet deployment options.