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A Solution That Makes Sense

You already have a fully integrated payment processing solution in the platform you use every day – why not take advantage of it?

Counterman and ClearGate make your day-to-day operations run more efficiently.

Read what other users are saying:

Our integration with ClearGate has made our day-to-day operations super smooth by solving the problem of having to double enter all of our payment data into a terminal and separate tracking software!


Owner, Action Cycles & Leather

The CounterMan integration has made it more convenient to take payments at individual stations!


Owner, MotoSource

The integration has been great and I like it because it has made my daily routine quicker. I don’t have to deal with terminals, paper, ink or double entry. Saves me a lot of time.


Owner, The Shop

The new payment system in Counterman makes taking payments faster and our customers like it because all of the information is in the computer and it’s stored securely. When we do a credit card sale we get the customers info – which is great because it’s a security check on both sides. And we even cut our rates when we switched from our bank!


Owner, Myers Cycle Engineering

Advancing Payment

ClearGate is more than a set-and-forget service provider. We offer a wide array of industry leading solutions, while maintaining an active relationship with our software partners, assisting in marketing and client outreach initiatives.

We pride ourselves on security, and keep all of our merchants out of PCI Audit Scope, and protect them further with our $100,000 in fraud insurance via our PCI protection plan. But most importantly, we maintain a small-business, family-oriented way of doing business which is rare these days.

Pricing Through Dialogue

When working with ClearGate, you can rest easy knowing that you have the fairest possible pricing. We work individually with new merchants to analyze past volume data for trends, as well as factor in anticipated volume to make sure pricing is fair and accurate.


Security from the Ground Up

Not only are our Data Security Protocols on par with the NSA, but in the event that a breach happens, we still have our merchant’s backs.

Fraud happens, and fending off hackers and fraudsters is a never ending battle that must be approached from several fronts. We start with a system that uses the same encryption standards as the NSA, ensuring data travels safely. StrongAuth appliances are at the forefront and complements the ZFS/GELI combination for storage. SSL AES256 and AES2048 completing the suite for a powerhouse of excellence.

Then we double down with the PCI Protection Plan that covers up to $100,000 of a merchant’s potentially catastrophic fees that may be assessed by the card brands following a breach.

$100,000 PCI Protection Plan

Even though we all take steps to prevent fraud, it can still happen, which is why all of our merchants are automatically enrolled in our $100,000 PCI Protection Plan.

In the event of a data breach, there are fines that are imposed by the card brands. These fines can be huge, and they are the responsibility of the individual merchant. This added level of protection will cover those fines up to $100,000, and there is no deductible.

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